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Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture Show - CHANEL

HAS to be spoken about.

Okay okay okay... so yes.. this is my very first post, (long pause.... apologies in advance ;)) I was exceedingly unsure and a little indecisive on what I should start writing about? BUT.. it has come to my conclusion we should be talking about the Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Chanel couture show, which actually took place on the 24th of January 2016.. (yes its a tad year late!... but
this SS17 show has to be my all time favourite it has now come to my attention that watching Catwalks/runways has always been such a fascinating sight, they are beautiful to watch and they capture such grace and elegance in every model and how they walk, each person is different, and in some ways it shows their personality and its nice to get an understanding of how serious walking around on a runway looking alluring can be.

so this will be my first piece I will write about, just so my readers can get an understanding I love runways, I love the way they build up for the show and don't forget how much time and effort goes into building a fashion show! it completely amazes me.

uniqueness is something I would struggle with if I was to start my own fashion show? what could I do differently that hasn't been already done? now with this SS17 collect Karl used reflective mirrors all around the room, and it gave an fantastic view and look with this collection, nothing I would say was "sparkly" as such because I would have imagined it to be reflective and bounced back at the models? haha..!  but it made the room and the models look so elegant, as if you where looking at yourself in your own room sat in-front of your vanity, to me it made me feel like If was walking on that runway I was on my own, which is nice as it deflates the idea of being scared on stage? but I would imagine some people would think differently because you could see the reflections of the press and such? 

Anyway moving on... I believed what I loved so much about this show was how classy and 
sophisticated everyone looked!  Here where a few of my personal favourite looks         

This almost fishtail looking dress I thought was completely prodigious and I defiantly worked with the model and how fitted and tall she was, and the added silver belt buckle was a top of, it was like "its missing something" moment, and this was it 110% and the way she completely glided throughout 
this runway, she pulled it off, I believe this is my favourite dress from the models, its remarkable.

 A refined woman outfit, for any types of business these outfit's are amazing, classy chic and well presented in anyway, the superior look you receive when you take a look at this almost patterned trench coat paired silver/holographic court heels, this is a statement.

with the second image, I am getting the exclusive "Matilda" style sense with this outfit, the chalk white dress and a matching fedora looks exquisite, can't forget the pearl anklet worn on all the models and the signature silver court heels paired with this look to finish it off.

A mystic piece from Bella Hadid, was gorgeous I loved loved loved the boots, but I'm getting the same vibe as Kendall Jenner's dress? with the added belt buckle too? I completely understand the last minuet need of adding something extra to this outfit and quite obviously the last thing she would of wanted was to "let it all go" so in ways the belt was crucial, her makeup couldn't be anymore on point than what it is, it defiantly brings that chic mystery vibe?

Another was these two, I'm getting that day and evening gown feeling, I'm killing for the ruffles in these dresses, I love them! it defiantly adds the cherry to the cake for that signature Chanel style (obviously its a Chanel show) I adore the lace piece in the second photo, its most defiantly something I would personally wear myself I love lace, every models hair is so sleek and sharp it suits every outfit it makes everything stand out so much! well done Karl.

And last but not least I think we can all agree on how delicate and graceful Lily-rose Depp looked that evening.

astonishing, absolutely astonishing, she looks fantastic, and she was the centre piece in this beautiful ruffled princess dress, the young rose poised around the room, gracefully with class! I bet her parents couldn't be any prouder
vouge quoted her finale perfectly 
"Lagerfeld’s current love object Lily Rose Depp appeared, as the final bride in a confection of floating pink petals, it was one of the few moments of frilled softness in a show that paid tribute to the angular style of the founding Coco, providing ways of dressing for both the businesswoman and the party-loving princess" 
- VOUGE Chanel SS17 

thank you for reading this piece! let me know your favourites and thoughts?
- SincerelyMartha.   


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