Tuesday, 7 March 2017

And it begins...

His first time...

This is it...
Our journey begins, with a surprised long weekend in Spain then where to next?
currently this is the first plane trip ever for my partner, yes I know.. of corse he has seen a plane (in the sky) before, but do you know what he has actually never seen an airport... he just recently got his passport at the beginning of this new year, I knew how much he wanted to get away, so we organised for him to get his passport, and then once it arrived I surprised him with tickets, for a long weekend together,

Now I am super super excited o start this journey as it will be our first together,  more exciting memories to share and capture, so we still have a few more weeks to prepare our departure, I will be writing a lot more about our adventure, guides and tips and how to's to help you prepare for your holiday, and also the reaction of my partner, as it is his very first time, (bless)

So please keep updated and follow our journey and travel, as a lot more feed will be added ! and excited adventures which I will capture myself on my way.

If you have any questions or helpful tips and tricks, on helping Kris with his first time traveling then I would be delighted to hear in the comment's

Thank you!
{Watch this space}


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