Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sliders all year around !

🌸 Slider Season 🌸

Yep ! thats right guys, my ALL TIME favourite season (haha!), in all honesty I do wear these all year round, indoors and out, to me they are easy to chuck on, grab your keys and purse and off you go! and they are quite fashionable if i'm correct? they look great with any outfit, in any situation,
now here are a few recent purchases by myself (sorry not sorry) and some of my favourite sliders/styles and outfits to pair with,
newest and latest, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I am a fangirl for colour, but I think I prefer black? as when I decide what outfit for the day, I think it pairs better? let me know...

So as you can see I recently purchased the Puma

Fenty Leadcat sliders in black, this is a collabaration with Rihanna, I have been completely dyeing to grab my hands on these since they where released, I grabbed a pair from office it was a pair per customer, and thank god I got my hands on a pair they retail out £54.99 I did lucky use 20% code I had, so did actually get these for £43.99, Which was nice! 

Disclaimer - if anyone has found a pair and are going to purchase I would advise going a size down from your actual size! as I am a UK 5, a UK 4 fitted perfect, they do come up large! so please bare that in mind.

besides that fact! I actually love these, and they are a quick fashionable grab and go shoe! and I love that the packaging was lovely! and to even get a dust bag with them is a bonus! so I would give these a 4.5 Star! (besides the small print of the down size)

The next purchase was these Victoria Secret by Pink slides.
(excuse Pip, she loves photos) if I can remember I purchased these last summer 2016, and these are great! they fit like a glove, these actually came with a purchase of Victoria secret (if you spent so much) but im unsure if they still do them? but I do know for a fact in my local VS store they have a the 
rose gold ones in, and in all sorts of colours. 

Now.. here are a few of my favourite styles, spotted celebs with Sliders on, tell me who slays better!
Spotted Khloe Kardashian and Mac Miller With the Adidas sliders in black on - www.asos.co.uk
 Rihanna and ariana Grande spotted with the Fenty leadcat sliders on both in Pink - www.office.co.uk

Let me know what you think? do you own a pair, if so which ones..

photo credit - Pintrest and my own.

Thank you for reading! 


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