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Hello! and welcome to my blog! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about who I am,
I am a aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger, I live in rainy England with my family.
And  pretty much everyday is a rainy day here! (sadly sunshine is very limited but I guess we appreciate the little things alot more) enough about me ! 

At the moment -
I am working full time and I love it! I love working with a team of friendly people it helps so much! (trust me) it dose keep my occupied  and it opens the door to more oppertunitys (when I work my butt off!) but when I work 9-5 I have nothing to do within the evenings and sitting on my phone is something I do not want to be doing all day everyday! (sadly thats how I go about today, BUT THINGS WILL CHANGE!... I promise !)

I'm assuming your wanting my reason behind this blog? well....
I began thinking I needed to do something, a hobby.. I enjoy creative writing in general and I enjoy fashion and adding/including my everyday lifestyle within the idea, also I enjoy being creative since I can remember so (I may add a little DIY to this blog) I wanted to keep this blog sleek and simple, so its easier for yourself to connect to and click to without hesitation and to be honest with you.. I didn't want anything too confusing either? I'm a person of simplicity I cannot deal with confusion with my tiny mind! .. (its too much for me :()

My goal -
my goal in life is to do something productive.. I would love love love to be able to write fashion blogs for a living, I believe websites and designing is my calling, and to do any topic on fashion would be fantastic! (but anything else would be okay too :)) it would be a lovely full time job for myself, possibly even graphics design ? or web design... that would be nice
but anyway, I'm here now and this is where my journey will start
I hope you can join me threw this and I hope to see you in the future!
lots of love

- sincerelymartha 

💋     xox

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